Nickelodeon / BrainStorm, Inc.

Penguins are coming to Nickelodeon Interstitial

This was one of several on-air interstitials starring Chris Hardwick, directed by David Levin to promote an upcoming season of Nickelodeon cartoons.

David P. Levin - Director, Executive Producer

TV Land/ BrainStorm, Inc.

Hot In Cleveland

Upfront Reel

This presentation reel  helped promote the hit TV Land sitcom, Hot In Cleveland, starring Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Mallick, Jane Leeves and the legendary Betty White.

David P. Levin - Director, Writer, Editor

Executive Producer


Next New Networks / BrainStorm, Inc.

Pulp Secret Sizzle Reel

This presentation reel promoted the coming of Next New Network's newest show and ran at NY ComicCon and on-line.

David P. Levin - Director, Writer, Editor