Frederator Studios / Cinematica

107 Back to the Future Facts You Should Know 

"Okay, I admit it.  I love Back to the Future.  So when Frederator Studios asked if I wanted to produce this frothy feature for YouTube, it was a labor of love.  So far, it's garnered more than 1 million views!" David Levin

David P. Levin - Director, Writer, Editor

BrainStorm Inc. / Next New Networks


Next New Networks was an ambitious startup in the mid-2000's, which was eventually acquired by YouTube. The company launched a dozen networks including Fast Lane Daily, Barely Political and Indy Mogul.  A life-long comic book fan, David Levin was hired to launch the world's first comic book network, Pulp Secret.

David P. Levin - Executive Producer

BrainStorm, Inc.

Pop Goes The Culture

These days, if you don't have your own talk show, you just aren't trying.  David Levin produces and hosts this celebrity talk show, featuring in-depth interviews with some of pop culture's iconic stars.

David P. Levin - Executive Producer / Creator